Guest Teacher Bios


Nutritionist and journalist, Christy Harrison, has already changed the world on a mass scale with her mega podcast, Food Psych®, and her latest book, Anti-Diet. Pick her business and coaching brain in a private workshop with 2020 Professional Mentees.


Activist and author of several fat-feminist tomes, Virgie is one of the most internet-savvy women I know—while maintaining a fierce Fat Liberationist, anti-diet, and anti-racist ethic. She’s also the founder of Babecamp—an online course for fat-body love and reclamation.


With a strong performance arts background, Caroline is a natural marketer and knows how to communicate her anti-diet message in the most relatable, authentic, and entertaining ways possible. Unsurprisingly…she’s the creator of the best-selling F*ck It Diet®.


Dianne is the founder of the Yoga for All Movement and one of the leading teachers of Accessible Yoga for all sizes, abilities and identities. She’ll be sharing insights from her entrepreneurial journey creating truly inclusive businesses in all areas of health and wellness.

Julie Duffy Dillon

Julie is an Anti-Diet Dietitian specializing in PCOS and other “weight-related” illnesses. She’ll be discussing weight-neutral treatment recommendations for PCOS, Diabetes, Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure—four of the most common medical conditions your clients may need weight-neutral support around.

Amber Karnes

Amber is the founder of Body Positive Yoga—where she trains movement educators to create accessible and equitable spaces in yoga and fitness spaces. She’ll be sharing key tips for working with people of all sizes, abilities and identities in movement.


Sand is a psychologist specializing in the intersection of trans health and eating disorders. As trans folks are disproportionately affected by disordered eating, it’s crucial coaches are educated about the specific challenges faced by trans-folx in eating disorder treatment.


Activist, coach and fat-marathoner, Ragen Chastain, is one of the most prolific online voices in the fat-positive movement. A master teacher of HAES principles and practice, she’ll be sharing her size-inclusive health coaching strategies with mentees this year.

Emma Wright

Emma Wright is an anti-diet coach specializing in body positive parenting. Her work marries anti-diet philosophy and fat activism with child development—addressing the unique challenges parents face when working with kids around body image and nutrition. 

Joy Cox

Author of Fat Girls in Black Bodies, Joy is an academic, podcaster, and designer focusing on the experiences of women of color. Her latest product is the newly released JabbieApp—a size-inclusive fitness app for those of all shapes, colors, genders, and abilities.

Kelly Diels

Kelly is a feminist marketer helping folks integrate their justice values with their personal and professional goals. She’ll be sharing practical tools for businesses that challenge patriarchal, diet-cultural, and colonialist norms + how to manage the emotional challenges of “cancel culture” with grace.


Best-selling author of Body Image Remix and founder of Fearless Rebelle Radio, Summer is a master body image coach—adapting traditional coaching techniques for the purpose of releasing body shame, building resiliency, and breaking up with diet culture.


Kimberly is the disabled-queer-femme author of Fat, Pretty and Soon To Be Old. She’ll be shedding light on the intersections of sizeism, ableism, ageism and sexuality—and how body image evolves and develops around these identities over time.

Alanah Dobson

Alanah is an exercise physiologist and cofounder of the ‘Safe Exercise At Every Stage’ (SEES) clinical guideline for managing and incorporating exercise into eating disorder treatment. She’ll be presenting various strategies for working with clients around movement in early diet recovery.

Nia Patterson

Nia is an Instagrammer and host of the Body Trauma Podcast—which shares insights from her eating disorder recovery journey in a fat, black, disabled, and queer body. She’ll be discussing personal insights on this path + tips for developing your personal brand via Instagram and podcasting.

Amber Golshani

Amber is a weight-neutral naturopathic doctor with a passion for the healing potential of cannabis in mental healthcare. She’ll be sharing upcoming research on the use of cannabis to treat anxiety—a primary risk-factor for disordered eating and body image concerns.

Shea Lowry

Co-founder of ARTIC (Anti-Racist Trauma-informed Care), Shea will be presenting on the intersection of eating disorders and trauma—and will share best practices for trauma-informed care in diet recovery coaching.

Substantia Jones

Substantia launched her Fat Liberation photo-activism campaign, The Adipositivity Project, in 2007, giving much needed visibility to the unapologetically fat. I’m thrilled to have her discuss how photography can be used as a healing tool, as well as a powerful act of anti-fat resistance.  

Sarah Lobisco

Sarah is a naturopath and functional medicine practitioner creating weight-neutral and anti-diet spaces for those called to naturopathic healing. This is an area of healthcare in critical need of weight neutral reform—and I’m thrilled to have Sarah leading the charge.

Jennelle Periard

Jennelle is a breathwork facilitator + eating disorder survivor sharing breathwork techniques for body image healing at the somatic and nervous system levels. Breathwork helps clients feel safe in their bodies—not just think their way out of difficult feelings.

Katie Dalebout

Katie is a podcaster and eating disorder survivor specializing in helping folks reconnect with their creativity in the writing (and copywriting) process. Copywriting is arguably THE most critical skill to develop in your online marketing efforts—time to get creative!


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